CR Math I:Section 2 Spring 2014

Mastery Chart Information and Important Course Information

Time is Running Out! MAY 23rd @11:59pm

The course ends on May 23, 2014! That is 4 weeks away. If students do not complete all 11 modules with a mastery on all assignments, they will not receive course credit.


Mastery Charts

Mastery Charts will be delivered on Monday, May 19th. These charts record student progress on required course assignments. All assignments on this chart must be Mastered with a grade of 80 or higher. The link below is a brief video on what a mastery chart is and how to read it.

Mastery Chart Video

On Pace:

Student has mastered all assignments up to the Mastery Chart target module/lesson.

Behind Pace:

Student has not reached the Mastery Chart target module/lesson.

Ahead of Pace:

Student has surpassed the Mastery Chart target Module.

Mastery Chart Delivery

Monday, May 19th, 8am

GOAL: Completion of Module 10

Mastery Charts are completed every other week. The LAST chart will be delivered to your email on May 19, 2014.

Important Information

  • Office Hours: I am available Monday - Thursday 8a-12p and 6p-8p via Blackboard Instant Messenger. Please feel free to call anytime after 4p and text at anytime before 9:00pm! My number is 919.561.2600

  • Tutoring Available: During Office Hours and through the Peer Tutoring Center. See the link below to learn more about the Peer Tutoring Center.

Peer Tutoring Center