Madagascar VS United States

Third world VS First world

Madagascar Description

Madagascar is a developing country and is the fourth largest island. It has been seperate from mainland Africa for over 160 millions years. Madagascar is home to some 250,000 species and 70% of them are not found anywhere else in the world. Madagascar exports sugarcane, cloves, cocoa, rice, cassava (tapioca), beans, bananas, peanuts, livestock products, coffee and vanilla. Madagascar is 400km off the coast of Mozambique, Africa and is recognised as one of the world's top 10 hotspots for biodiversity. This country is a republican country and has a population of about 20 million.

Why is Madagascar a developing country, its indicators?

- Madagascar has lower rates of improved water source with only 74%

- Madagascar's health expediture per capita ($US) is only $16

- In Madagascar there are only 26 motor vehicles per 1000 people

- Only 19% of the population have acess to electricity in Madagascar

- Madagascars mortality rate is 62 per 1000

United States Indicators

- US 100% improved water source

- US the health expediture per capita is $8,362

- In the US, 802 per 1000 people own a motor vehicle

- US mortality rate is only 8 per 1000


Madagascar is considered a developing country because of its low life expectancy, high mortality rates and low government health expenditure, compared to a first world country such as the US, which has high life expectancy and 100% improved water source. Madagascar has many resources that could be exploited and it also has many rare and endangered species that need to be protected. Therefore, compared to the US, Madagascar is definitely a developing country.