My 2014-2015 School Year

The year I ....

The Intro

I've had a great 7th grade year. It was very different from my previous 6th grade year. It was really weird adjusting to the new schedule. I would always confuse what period it was and what class I had to migrate to. Another changed that happened was I started to make new friends. Since I was sometimes separated from my elementary friends I found new ones. Another thing that happened over my 7th grade year was I started thinking that everything can become a movie. I was listening to a song then BAM an idea popped into my head about how I could make a silent film using that music in the background. That sorta became on of my hobbies that I do after school.

The Conclusion

I've had a great time this year. I sparked new interests in fields of Science, History, Math, Journalism, English, etc. All my classes helped open up a new world of imagination and punnet square rules. Now that I reflect on what I should have done differently, I think that I should have maybe gotten help with my "Chronic Procrastination." That was the one issue I had. The procrastination problem kept me up many nights because I waited to long to start and or finish a project. Well, no matter what happened I had a great year and I will remember the great experiences I had with classes and friends