Valentine's day

By: Bailey Edinburgh

How that tradition got started

It started in ancient Rome when early christian martyrs were named Valentine. there are 2 priests in particular that are honored on February 14th, they are Valentine of Rome and Valentine of Terni. Valentine of Rome was a priest in Rome and was martyred in about 496 ad and buried. the followers church have stayed together until the newer evolving governments took the honored holiday off of their calendars and put it on most calendars in the world today and we treat it as a normal holiday. this happened in 1969 with the revision of the roman catholic calendar. so now we celebrate valentine's day as a day for our significant others when really we should be celebrating the honored priests who started this tradition.

Top 3 flowers given on Valentines day

How did some things become what they are today?

Flowers and things that we associate with valentine's day come from traditions that pass on non-verbal messages. messages like "i love you" and "you mean a lot to me". This dates back to the 1700's when the king of Sweden took over a Persian custom and introduced the ''language of flowers'' to Europe. The original purpose for this celebration went out of style and now we celebrate the new style with all of the sappy, romantic things that we do for our significant others on valentine's day.

Profile of the average client and Economics

The average client is a male buying flowers for his significant other. the average person spends about $103 dollars on their significant other in flowers each year for just valentines day. It boosts the economy by bringing in more revenue which in turn helps everyone if it helps the economy.