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Moving day

My Name is Gary Johnson a professional golfer. My wife and I have come to this new town to get away from the city start a life somewhere else and create a new business.
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New place of business post

I am opening a new golf shop and refurbishing the golf course so that every new golfer can have a place to start. The shop will be located in the front of the golf course along with parking and a place to watch.

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For dinner my wife and I ate out at a restaurant in Brownsville called Madeira I had the

steak de camaron al piquin which is bacon wrapped shrimp steak with chile piguin sauce. The waiters were really helpful and patient while helping all of the guests. I would give this restaurant 4 out of 5stars.

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This weekend My wife and I will be attending Cinemark at sunrise mall to see a movie, and then we will go to downtown Brownsville. To finish off the weekend we will be meeting new people at the golf course.

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Tiger Woods won his 15 title in 11 years

tiger did it after 11 years he finally won his 15th title after all of his success and time preparing for this title. This article tells about how he changed the game of golf forever and I totally agree. I am so proud of what he has become and hope that he wins more.

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golf clubs

I just bought a new golf cart to ride around the golf course with so i do not half to drive my car very far. to get to one place and back.

I bought it from a store in Harlingen, Texas from H&H golf carts and power equipment.

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My border thoughts

My personal opinion on the border issues are different than most peoples because i do not have an opinion because since i am living in a zone where both Texas and mexico touch it doesn't really bother me because we can go on both sides and do whatever. The issues for everybody else though is a tough thing to think about because everyone and even myself have opinions about the topic and some ideas are great and other opinions are not.

Golf clubs

My golf clubs are starting to break I really need to start buying new ones. These golf clubs helped me win a small championship and after years of wear and tear they are starting to break down. I am going to order more soon.

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New follower

I have just followed Robert Streb on twitter because he is a great golfer and he knows what he is doing when playing.

The new page i have liked is called because it tells about equipment and the new golf news.