Friday Focus-Saturday Edition

March 7th, 2015

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What a Week!

Dear Amazing Staff,

WOW! How much life can change in one week! I had no idea last weekend that I would be accepting a new role in our district and have to share the news with a group of people that I can't imagine not working with each and every day. I really can't remember what all I said to you Wednesday morning, as I was in shock still, but I want to let you know a few things:

  • You are truly an amazing staff and it will be a challenge to find a leader that is worthy of YOU! We have worked so hard TOGETHER to build a climate and culture that is unstoppable to encourage our students and each other to strive for our mission everyday. We live, breath and embrace our mission and vision in all that we do. We are a LIVING example of a professional learning community.
  • I'm not going anywhere for awhile. I will be involved in all that we do the remainder of the year as well as in our planning for the upcoming year. When a new principal is selected, I will work closely with him/her to make the transition as smooth as possible.
  • McIntire is going to strive no matter who sits in my chair because of YOU! Our processes and structures are so strong and shared leadership is the norm. Please know that this will continue next year. I would never have been able to leave you if I didn't believe and know this.
  • I want to thank each of you for helping me to become a better leader. You each have taught me in your own way how to strive for greatness. You've taught me to take my job very seriously, but not myself. You've taught me that it is all about the kids, but we can't forget to support each other. You've taught me that a leader has to take risks and model what is expected for staff and students. You've taught me that there are no excuses when striving to meet goals, no matter the roadblocks. You've taught me that a leader takes people where they need to go, which is not always where they want to go. You've taught me to lead not only with my head, but with my heart. You've taught me that we truly can build a school that students, teachers and parents run into each day and not out. You've taught me that we must celebrate our students and each other. Most importantly, you've taught me that our focus has to be on raising human potential and not solely on test scores. You've taught me this and so much more and for that I will be forever grateful.

Ok...enough of all that! We still have ten weeks of awesomeness, so let's GO BIG or GO HOME!

Have a great week!


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What's Happening This Week

All week: Go over summatives with teachers on the cycle and non-tenured


Staff Meeting 3:45-4:45

PBS Focus-guests from RPDC ALL staff needs to attend (paras, teachers)

Please get coverage for tutoring or practices. Thank you!


2C/2S to library

School Board Meeting


8:30-10:30-I will meet with Mr. Flakne to go over our survey data

2B to library

K orientation at FHS 6pm


MO Read in Day

8:45 PBS Assembly

1:15-2:30 Musical dress rehearsal at Champ

*Revised Revised Specials schedule due to assembly and musical

7:00 Musical performance

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Finding a Cure that STICKS!

Check out the videos below as Ms. Gibbs class challenges our school to raise money for the CFF. Get your duct tape ready because I'm pretty sure I'll be hanging from a wall near you soon!
Lizzy's Lifesavers Challenge
OneRepublic - I Lived

Amazing Educator Resources

From Mr. Craghead--thanks for sharing!

Genius Hour Resources all in One Spot

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