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November 2015

Let's Get Back to the Book Business!

When students returned to the elementary media centers after Fall Break, they found many new books ready to be checked out, shared, and enjoyed. Students spent time reviewing C.O.R.E procedures, how to care for the new books that are now available for them, and how to search for books in Destiny and locate them on the shelves. Many of the media centers have student helpers that are learning how to keep the media centers and books in great shape.

I'm working with the media secretaries to add to our collection of online resources for students to use in the media center, as well as in the classroom. Destiny, the district's online catalog, will be the next topic for students to learn. The new search option, Universal Search, will help students locate eBooks for check out. Some of the media centers now have Title Peek, which shows the covers of books in Destiny. This has helped to spike students' interest in using the catalog to search for books and to remember the books they check out.

Teachers can also use Destiny to create resource lists, look for books in the media centers as well as across the district, and check out and use eBooks with students. In order for teachers to have full function of Destiny, the password for teachers is 'read'. Students will use their chromebook usernames and passwords.

General Grade Level Resources

Online Resources of the Month

Scholastic's Virtual Field Trips

Along with a list of several different virtual guided field trips, Scholastic also provides a teacher tutorial about how to prepare students for a virtual field trip. This is a timely video because it focuses on Thanksgiving. Students use Google Earth, Google Maps, websites, and weather forecasts to prepare for the trip. The virtual field trips are found under Scholastic's Videos for Teachers - a wealth of information to explore.

The First Thanksgiving

Don't have the time for a virtual field trip, check out some of the other resources from Scholastic's The First Thanksgiving. Letters from the New World and The Dear America scrapbook are really cool.

MORE World Book Online - eBooks to preview

For a trial period, Warren students and staff have the opportunity to preview eBooks available through World Book Online through December 6. Please take some time to try out these eBooks with your students and see what you think about them. Use the following login information for the trial period.

Now - November 1

username: Americas

password: gravity

November 2-December 6

username: americas

password: spaceship

Destiny Library Catalog

Give it a try with your students! Let your students login using their chromebook usernames and passwords. Teachers - use your own username and the 'read' password. Take a look at the resources that are on the Homepage, read a Young Hoosier book to your students and let them rate the book using a Google form, and try out the Universal Search option to have easy access to eBooks for check out. The students will be introduced to this during visits to the media center, but feel free to explore too.

Upcoming Events

Media Secretary Meeting - November 5 @ Hawthorne

Lowell Elementary Book Fair/Grandparents' Week - November 5-13

Warren Early Childhood Center Book Fair - November 16-20

Family Literacy Night - November 20

Distance Learning with the Royal Botanical Gardens

November 2 @ Grassy Creek and November 10 @ Hawthorne

Distance Learning with the St. Louis Zoo @ Warren Early Childhood Center

November 19 and 20

Warren/NCAA 3rd Grade Reading Challenge

Student Book Choice - 3rd grade students will be choosing their top 3 choices for their free books.

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