Have A Great Summer! #HAGS

Be Featured by Cornell 2017 Class Council!

Daily Summer Features:

This summer Cornell Class Council will feature daily exposés on the summers and accomplishments of several members of the Class of 2017! There are seven categories – one for each day of the week. If you are selected, we will contact you about getting a picture.

Feel free to fill out as many as you would like to fill out:

  • Motivation Mondays: Tell us something that motivates you – a quote, a story, etc;
  • Teammate Tuesdays: Tell us about a time you've been a part of a team – varsity, intramural, club, group project, project team, etc;
  • Work Wednesdays: Tell us in-depth about what you are doing over the summer;
  • Throwback Thursday: Tell us about a favorite memory from Cornell so far;
  • Fun Fridays: Tell us about something fun that you have planned for the summer or have already done;
  • Shoutout Saturdays: Tell us about somebody in the Class of 2017 you would like to give a shoutout to and some of his or her accomplishments;
  • Study Abroad Sunday: If you studied abroad, tell us about your experience or one of your favorite experiences;

The link is below: