By: Mikayla, Bailee and Elissa; Period 4

Mythology of Cygnus

Patheon fell out of the chariot of the sun and died in the river of Eridanus. Patheon's brother Cygnus dove and searched desperately for Patheon's body. In mercy the gods transformed him into a swan, Making the constellation Cygnus.


A god Zeus disguised himself as a swan to try to make Leda, the kings wife, love him. Leda gave birth to the Gemini, Helen of Troy. Orpheus was transformed into a swan after being murdered, and was placed into the sky next to Lyra. The king was also transformed into a swan and placed into the sky as Cygnus.


Seen through April 1st - November 22nd.

Part of it is visible through out the year.


  • Cygnus is a Greek word for swan
  • Its symbolism is a swan or a northern cross
  • Deneb is the brightest star
  • 9 main stars
  • Area: 804 Sq. degrees
  • Society islands call it Pirae-tea
  • New Zealand calls it Maratee
  • 3,200 light years away