Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikosvsky

1840-1893 Nicolas Reus

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Early years

He was born in Votinsk, Russia May 7 1840. His father was an important person in the town, he even had an army of 100 cossacks, his mother Alexandra was his father's second wife he remembers his mother fondly even though that she was not very affectionate to him.Tchaikovsky was very sensitive and fanny; his nanny called him the child of glass and she thought that his obsession with music was unhealthy and that he should read books instead. We are all glad that he stayed on track with music instead of abandoning it. The family moved to St. Petersburg in 1848 due to the wishes of his mom to leave Votinsk and his father getting a new job, which he lost to a colleague. He developed measles soon after, which took him a lot of time to heal.The disease caused him to develop from deep seated nervos disorder which he had for the rest of hislife.
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Map of Russia 1840

This is a map of Russia. In 1850 Pyotr was sent to a preparatory school for later entry into the school of Jurisprudence.When his mom was about to leave after helping him settle in Pyotr grabbed on to backboard which dragged him through the muddy cobbled street and he was dumped on the dirt. That experience haunted him for the rest of his life. In 1854 Pyotr's mother died of cholera, it was a very traumatic event for him that he never really recovered from.
Tchaikovsky - 1812 Overture (Full with Cannons)

1812 Overtune

Tchaikovsky wrote this song to commemorate the victory of the Tsar over Napoleon, he was not very happy with it at the beginning but then he began to like it eventually becoming one of his favorite pieces. Hen composed many more successful pieces and he befriended Mme.von Meck, they were very good friends for a long time until they became estranged due to "financial"difficulties Mme.von Meck was having. He later found out she was quite well off and she just ended their friendship due to that Pyotr didn't want to have a romantic relationship with her.

Other known music

Pyotr wrote many more beautiful pieces such as

  • The nutcracker
  • Romeo and Juliet fantasy overture
  • Swan Lake
  • The sleeping Beauty waltz


Tchaikovsky left us a legacy of great songs that are still very good to this day and are included in many movies. He left his brilliant style of writing music for many musicians to follow and inspire them. In the end Tchaikovsky left us his beautiful songs and style that still amuse us to this day.


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