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January 2015 Edition

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Library Features

  • Phone Charger
  • Study Room

Mantis-Manual, Alternative & Natural Therapy Index Systems

Off-Campus Database Issues Resolved (for the most part)

Minnesota is one of the greatest states to live in unless it's January and -20. I guess there is no better place to be than warm in school. Remember, as the weather can get dangerous at this time of year, check our Facebook page to see if we are affected.

Welcome to the new and returning students. If you have any questions, please feel free to stop at the information desk and we can help you out.

This newsletter will focus on a few features the library offers and job opportunities that exist. You may be aware of them but please read which policies we're focusing on today.

Best of luck!

Greenawalt Library Silent Movie

Phone Charger Station

We have a new phone/tablet charger. It's at the front desk in the library. Please come and use it. There are some drawbacks: Not every charging type may be represented (if not, ask at the front desk to see which stand alone chargers we have). We also won't watch your device for you. We haven't had any issues with stealing but it is "use at your own risk."

And you may have noticed the charger looks different than it did last trimester. The reason is because the last charger went up in smoke...literally. Hopefully, this one will last longer.

Speaking of Smoke...Study Room Reminders

The library offers 14 study rooms-2 of those rooms have VCRs and 13 have TVs and DVD players. Please sign up for two hours at a time at the front desk.

While using the study rooms, please follow the library school policies regarding food, beverages and any form of tobacco or "smokeless" products.

Please be courteous--a.k.a don't make a mess!
We ask you not to eat big meals because they can leave residue and food containers can stink up a study room quickly, especially since they're not cleaned every night.

If you spill sunflower seeds, salsa (on the walls) or toothpicks, please pick them up or notify someone of the mess.

And please don't chew tobacco and spit it in the trash. It's against school policy.

All of the above have happened and neither your fellow students nor the custodial team should have to cope with your squalor or clean up your messes.

Thank you!

Mantis--Manual, Alternative and Natural Therapy Index System

Not finding what you're looking for in PubMed? Try searching Mantis which is a database specifically for chiropractic, osteopathic and manual medicine.

You can find it on our databases page under the ChiroACCESS link. Acupuncture and massage practitioners, just because the website is called ChiroACCESS doesn't mean the content is exclusively for chiropractors. It's just the opposite. You can even do advanced searches in Mantis regarding specific disciplines.

And for practitioners of chiropractic medicine, ChiroACCESS contains much more than Mantis for you.

Database Issues--Resolved


I have it on good authority that the off-campus database access issues have been fixed! Or most of them, at least.

Thank goodness! You will now be able to access the databases and journal articles from off campus.

If you are having any issues with access, please contact the library now or in the future. Often times we don't know if something is down until someone lets us knows. Tell us what you were trying to access and what kind of error you got.

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