octubre 10, 2016


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The Fourth Annual World Language Speaking Event will take place on Thursday, November 17, 2016 at 6pm-8pm

The World Language Department would like to invite all GaVS World Language students to participate in the annual World Language Speaking Event. This is your night to shine and show off your WL speaking skills. Interested students should complete the registration survey no later than Monday, October 31. All participants will be awarded a World Language Speaking Event certificate and a copy of the judge's scored rubric. Superior ranked students will be awarded the World Language Speaking badge as above. Event details will be emailed to all registered students at their GaVS email.

General Information:

Modern language students will be presented with a picture based on their level of language study and appropriate theme. Students will discuss the theme-topic using the picture as a guide or prompt. Judges may ask students questions about the picture.

Speaking Topic for Spanish 3 Students - Pastimes and Travel

Registration Deadline - October 31

Click on this link to register:

Contact your World Language instructor for details.

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Official deadline for latest grades posted to your grade book was September 29, 2016

I have posted grades for period ending on September 29, 2016. I hope that those student who did not post their work by the bi-weekly deadline took advantage of the extended deadline. After the extended deadline, if the work was not posted, the zero posted will stay permanently in your grade book.

Projects Require Audio Recordings

All projects for this course require a written file, such as a Power Point or Word Document, according to directions on the schedule being followed by the student. Also, all projects must include sentences which use the verb being taught in chapter. In addition, an audio recording is required to be provided of the student reading what they wrote on the assignment. The written part is worth 70% and the recording 30%. To record you can use your internal computer microphone on one of the examples below.

Discussions Require Video Recordings

All discussions for this course require a written file, such as a Power Point or Word Document, according to directions on the Discussion arena. In addition to the written sentences using the verb being taught in chapter, a Video recording showing your face reading what you wrote, is also required. The written part is worth 70% and the video recording 30%.
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available: 9 to 4 on school days

other hours: available by appointment

To my parents -

Thank you for your support helping your student succeed! I welcome and always look forward to hearing from you, either by email or a phone call.