Grizzly Bear

ursus arctos

A Bear with their cub

They are cleaning there cub and grooming it. They are also getting clean for the day. cub you can see in the picture they are grooming the cub.
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  • Domain-Eukarya
  • Kingdom--Animalia - The class is all multicellular, heterotrophs, have the capability to be mobile at one time in their life.
  • Phylum-Chordta - The species contains notochord, rod that extends most of the body length, bilateral symmetry, and a complete digestive system.
  • sub phylum-Verteverta - The group has a vertebral column a "stiffer" and movements are generated by muscles connected to the endoskeleton.
  • Class -Mammalia - This group produces milk via mammary glands, posses three inner ear bones and have hair.
  • order Carnivore - medium in size, specialized teeth for cutting meat, males are dominant in size versus females.
  • Family-Ursidae - range in size from 25 - 800 Kg, small round ears, posses smooth or rough hair, and must be brown, black and white in color.
  • Genus-Ursus - Ursus is the latin word meaning Bears, Brown, Polar, and black bears.
  • Species-Arctos - They live in areas that range from desert , mountains, and ice fields, rang in size from 80-600 Kg, and can stand upright up to 8 feet when on their hind legs.
  • sub Species- Horribilis
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General description

The lips of a black bear they are from the gums they have a agile tongue they eat foods like blueberries and ants. They shuffle with amazing speed 55/km per hour.In the winter they lost 30 percent of there diner weight.They are 1 to 2.8 meters.They are 90 to 150 centimeters tall at the shoulder.They are mainly located in North America.Cubs are born into midwinter.It's common when the mother gives birth they have twins. When they are born they are blind and toothless they normally weigh 500 grams.There scientific name is Ursus arctos ssp. They mark tees using their claws and teeth to show that they were there and they claimed it.They have 7 sounds when they are threatened snorting,growls,jaw snapping and many snorts to let the other bears know that they are being threatened. They weigh between 700 to 1,700.The color of a grizzly bear is dark brown. Grizzly bears live in North America, Alaska and Canada. They live in cool temperatures they live in the woods. The grizzly bears predators are wolves and mountain lions.The bears main diet is fish and samin and they love to eat berries.

Physical Adaptions

The Grizzly bears color is normally dark brown but varies they have black fur.The shoulders of a Grizzly bear they are frosted with white along the shoulders.In the winter they loose 30 percent of their tile.They are also very attracted to garbage they can smell from a mile away they have very strong noses.They will also come to homes and camp sites when left over food is smelled.Most bears are very shy and stay away from humans but some don't and they feel threatened and attack them what equals serious injury and death.Bears there biggest fear is wolves they will circle the bear.Then they use their sharp claws to scrap their knees or lower the sometimes can leave without a death but that normally dosen't happen.The bears like the caribou carcass. In the wolves they have food that the bears eat.
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Behavioral Adaptions

The scientific name for the Grizzly bear is Ursus arctos ssp.A grizzly bear it 1 to 2 meters long it is 8 feet when standing up.They have 7 sounds to let them know for they can get backup.When they get chased by prey they are quick and they can short step if they need to they need at least 3 wolves to take them down the bears have pig legs they attack the legs the bears make sounds to alert other bears in sight.