All About The West

Desiree Smith

oregon, montana ,idaho ,wyoming, utah ,colorado ,nevada, californa ,washinton , Hawaii and Alaska

Farming and Food in the West

Farming is an important thing in the West. The West plants the most fruits and veggies for the U.S.A. Did you know most pineapples in the U.S.A are grown in Hawaii ? Apples are very important fruits in the United States. Apples are part of the agricultural in the West they don't grow in all the parts of the West. The Eastern part of Washington is famus for their apples. Washington also grows other things such as cherries,pears and potatos. Although the biggest producer of potatos in the United Sates is Idaho.

Even Alaska even grows food! many people think that Alaska is always snowy and cold. They are wrong it is not always snowy and cold. But they do have problems growing food. The harsh climate will not work with growing crops. So they use green houses. a green house is a enclosed garden. Alaska is improving their growing with green houses.

A lot of people think that the West is just a place where they harvest food, but they are wrong. The West raise many animails too. They raise cattle,sheep, and pig. In Nevada they also produce milk.


The West is full of different climates. There are hot places like Nevada, Death Vally and Hawaii. There are also cold and wet ones like. Did you know Mount Waialea is the wettest place on earth. They normally get more that 38 feet of rain. Wow that's a lot of rain !

Other places are very rainy too. Some parts of Washington are very damp. The cascade Range gets more that 11 feet of Rain each year. All this rain is caused by something called the Rain Shadow.

The rain shadow pushes warm moist winds from the pacific ocean East. Then the wind forms clouds. The clouds get higher and higher. The higher they get the colder they get. Cold clouds can't hold water so it falls out and turnes into rain. And that's how rain is formed.

Land forms in the West

The West has many different land forms. The west has lots of mountains. Most of the mountains are in Nevada, California and Washington. Some of the mountains are volcanoes and you should not climb them.

They also have deserts like Death Vally . And they have beaches in California and Hawaii.

Manufacting/ Mineing

Did you know the West plays a big part in making the movies you watch. Well they do. People make lot's of movies in Los Angles California. They make them in Los Angles is because they have sunny weather all the time. So that means there are no storms that could disturber movie making. What would happen to our movies with out their nice weather? There would be lots of bloopers !

The West also big on fossil fuels too. Colorado is famous for their fossil fuels. Fossil Fuels provide power and energy for many many states With out power what would it be like ? Well we would't have any light. Colorado also produces sand and gravel which is used for making rods and bridges.