Presidential Pamphlet

Do you want to be President?


  • 35 Years Old
  • 14-year Resident
  • Native-Born Citizen


Party Leader: President helps members of his political party get elected or appointed to office

Commander-In-Chief: All military leaders report to and take orders from the president

Chief Executive: Empowered to administer the laws and affairs of the nation

Chief of State: Represent the United States at public events

Chief Diplomat: Takes the lead in foreign relations

Chief Legislator: Voices his own ideas or opinions to congress while they draft legislation

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Salary: $400,000

White House Living: Tennis Court, Bowling Alley, Movie Theater, Putting Green)

Staff: Chefs, Gardeners, etc.

Secret Service Protection- 10 years

Air Force One, Marine 1, Presidential Limousine

Leadership Qualities

1. Decision Making: The president must make decisions that are well thought out and made wisely

2. Conflict Resolution: The President must make time to resolve conflicts, and keep peace

3. Vision: The President must be able to make a clear vision to his administration and the people of the United States

4. Motivation: The President must show motivation to fix issues, and make the country a better place

5. Trust: The President must build trust between the people and the government

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Constitutional Powers

Commander in chief, commission US military officers, makes treaties with the help of the Senate, appoints ambassadors, judges, Supreme Court justices, grants pardons, deliver the state of the Union address, call the house and/or senate into special session, ensure all laws are carried out, appoint head of executive department, appoints cabinet.

I think that the most important power is to ensure that all laws are carried out because it keeps order in the country.

If I were president

There is a large problem In the United States and that is illegal immigration. As president, I would use my powers of ensuring laws being carried out as well as carrying out Bills to help solve the problem.