Summer Reading Project

Travel Brochure By: Ethan Eikenberry

The Warriors Heart: Background Information

"Eric Greitens is a modern day hero" this is what the book tells you when you look at the back cover. Which is absolutely correct, because in the book Eric starts off as a boxer with a great teacher which makes him think and he thinks about other people in desperation , so he decides to help those people. This is were he makes his decision.

Croatia a Great place

Croatia is the place Eric is going to help people because they are in poverty. This is a great place for people with a helping heart. In Croatia you go to refuge camps to help the people in need. By talking, playing, dreaming, and much more you will be so happy with this great place you get to meet different people with the same feelings as you, listening to the many campfire stories from the people and become family by the end of the trip you will feel like a new person. Because this trip will be exciting, fun, interesting, educational, and much more.


So what do you think about this place it has just about all you need for a vacation. Like the many friends and relaxing stories they will tell, and don't forget the smiles of the people will warm your heart more than hot chocolate. This is an almost in expensive trip all you have to do is have your plane ticket. Which lets you fly to the family that has been waiting for you. What a great experience. Waking up to the warm sun a smiles on the peoples faces, this is has to be a great setting for your next vacation!!

Facts about Croatia

Croatia is on the coast lines of the Adriatic sea, Is rocky with mountains which have great views looking over the walled city of Dubrovnik. Much of the soil there is reddish rather than brown which make it interesting to look at. With many other great facts about Croatia and all the different people you will meet it will be the perfect vacation.


Croatia is full of many sites to see like the walled in city of Dubrovnik. Croatia also has one of the best coastal shores in Europe with makes the rocky terrain an amazing site to see. Croatia also has a coliseum that is big and beautiful a great place to enjoy!