English Language Learners

12 Key Practices

Key Practice One

Key Practice One: Create school and classroom environments that affirm linguistic and cultural diversity by representing ELL's languages, cultures, and experiences within school routines, events and activities.

Simply put, we need to accept diversity of all students and include diversity within our daily routines. This can be done by building community and relationships. Morning meeting is a perfect place to begin this process. By providing open-ended questions, students get the opportunity to share a piece of themselves.

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Implementing Effective Language Instruction for English Language Learners

Please check out Implementing Effective Language Instruction for English Language Learners; 12 Key Practices for Administrators, Teachers, and Leadership Teams from the Winskill Professional Library.

Mrs. Whitford, Miss Martin, and Ms. Uppena have had the opportunity to participate in the CTELL (Connecting Teachers to English Language Learners) Program through Edgewood College. We would love to share more information with you about strategies for ELL students.