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The Story of Martin Luther King Jr. by Kid President

Martin Luther King, Jr Day

If you haven't yet seen the video created by Kid President in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, I urge you to take a few minutes to watch it. One of my favorite quotes from this video: "When things aren't awesome, it can be tough. And things won't always be awesome. But your response can be."

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to read All American Boys, by Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely. I wish that I could say it was set in the 40's or 50's...60's even, but it takes place in current day America and uses the voices of two high school students to tell the story of what happens when one boy is the victim of police brutality and the impact it has on the community they both live in. I won't lie- it wasn't an easy book to read. It was uncomfortable at times, even, which tells me that it was even more important for me to read this book. One of my biggest take-aways: just because I haven't walked a certain road, I cannot assume that I know what those traveling on that road are going through or where they have been. ASSUME... it's a scary word. Mostly because we all make assumptions and those can lead to much bigger issues. If you would like to borrow All American Boys, just let me know!

*To anyone who might think that I am questioning the loyalty, dedication or hard work of law enforcement, please don't. One of my dearest friends is a police office, as is the father of my oldest child. I have great respect and appreciation for all that they do, go through, and have seen on behalf of the people of their community. However, just as there are misguided doctors, lawyers, mail carriers, educators...etc... there are police officers who make choices based on things other than what is right. To pretend otherwise would be wrong.

Because part of our job as educators is to also be learners....

Looking Ahead...

Monday 1/18/16 No Student Attendance Day

Martin Luther King Day

Teacher In-service/Work Day

3-5 RtI mtg @3:30 in Maggie's room

Tuesday 1/19/16 Mrs. Ingebritsen's class leading Pledge

Admin mtg @9:00

1st gr PLC @11:00

5th gr PLC @2:15

Homework Club @3:15-4:15

BET mtg 3:30

Wednesday 1/20/16

4th gr PLC @8:15

3rd gr PLC @9:15

Kdg PLC @10:45

Faculty Leadership mtg @3:30

Thursday 1/21/16

Observation @ 8:15

4/5 Thoughtful Thursday @ 9:20

2nd gr PLC @10:20

Homework Club @3:15

Friday 1/22/16

Monday 1/25/16 Mrs. Klein's class leading the Pledge

Rollerskating unit begins in PhyEd

5th grade DARE classes begin

Specials Team mtg @11:20

4K PLC @1:00

K-2 RtI mtg @3:30

Tuesday 1/26/16

Leah & Niki @CESA 3 for SID mtg

1st gr PLC @11:00

5th gr PLC @2:15

Homework Club @3:15

Wednesday 1/27/16

4th gr PLC @8:15

3rd gr PLC @9:15

Kdg PLC @10:45

PBIS mtg - Miranda's room @3:30

Thursday 1/28/16

Working on the Work at CESA 3

2nd gr PLC @10:20

Homework Club @3:15

Friday 1/29/16

Observation @9:00