The English Ivy

Jalyn and Bassam

Description of the organism

This ever green vine is wide spread in western Washington intentional as a potted green plant with three pronged leaf as well as accidental and is invasive thought the woodlands of this region. It can trail along the ground or grow vertically. The older type of vines can tree like as much as five inches thick.

Where did it come from?

The European colonists introduced English ivy as early as 1727. It is widely planted for its evergreen foliage. its invasive in the pacific north west. English ivy is native range in the Europe. Western Asia, and northern Africa.

Where can it be found?

It can be found all around the world you can find it just about anywhere its widely spread like Northeastern and mid Atlantic states.

Will it be a threat to us?

English ivy is an agressive invader that threatens levels of forested and open areas, growing along the ground as well as into the forest canopy

How could be get rid of it?

We would have to get rid of the slugs and the snails with the yeast that provide it to grow as much as it does.

Its name is ...

English ivy or Hedera Helix
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