Titanium Dioxide

How much should I consume?


Titanium Dioxide is one of the top fifty chemicals produced worldwide. It is used in a variety of products like sour cream, cottage cheese and even toothpaste. The chemical name is Titanium(IV) oxide with its chemical formula being TiO2.

What is it?

The chemical has a white color, making a lot of products have a white appearance. It is used to make products have a white appearance instead of the original color of the product with the Titanium Dioxide.

What Type of food is it designed to be used in?

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Types of food with Titanium Dioxide:

  • Dickinson Coconut Curd
  • Mentos Fresh Mint Gum
  • Hostess Powered Donette
  • Good and Plenty Candy
  • Kool Aid Blue Raspberry
  • Eclipse Spearmint Gum
  • M&M's(Milk chocolate and peanuts)
  • Albertsons Vanilla Pudding
  • Betty Crocker Frosting
  • Trident White Gum
  • Jello
  • Banana Pudding

Is it Safe to eat?

Have you ever ate any of these products listed above? In these foods there is a small amount of chemical compared to the lab rat studies that I reviewed. As we consume this product we are not eating pure titanium dioxide while in its powdered or dust form cause those things are not really appetizing to the human eye.There was a study done on lab rats and titanium dioxide. Lab rats were exposed to this substance and they tried to prove that it was not good for you but we are not inhaling it like the lab rats were in the study. This chemical is actually suppose to deliver nutrients, keep food fresh and act as a food coloring to make foods appealling to eat.

Benefits of Titanium Dioxide

The benefits of titanium dioxide as used in food products are for marketability purposes. Their inclusion exceeds the health risk as determined by the much finer nanoparticulate grade which is the focus of the ongoing study.

More Benefits

Another factor is the inclusion of titanium dioxide in foods for visual appeal of the finished product and for no other reason. The food should look appetizing.

Cottage cheese would be butter-yellow if not for the addition of a small and prescribed amount of titanium dioxide at the blending stage of manufacture.

Whole-skim milk in the pre-production stage of cottage cheese manufacturing is a light pale-yellow color. When most of the butterfat is separated, the result is called "part-skim milk" and in the reduced butterfat state, actually has a light pale-blue color!

Health risks/benefits

Titanium dioxide as a pigment in food products is classified as a "manufacturing aid" and not as a food ingredient and therefore can be exempt from the requirement of being listed the label of contents. But it is in there. You just didn't know it.

So, is titanium dioxide inclusion in food and personal care products a health risk? Ongoing research seeks a definitive answer but for now, most health agencies say that NO, Titanium Dioxide in commercial products are not harmful.