Country Facts

Capital- Taipei

Population- 23,373,517 million

Type of government- Constitutional Republic

Leaders Name- Ma Ying- jeou

Type of Economy- Capitalist

Type of Currency- New Taiwan Dollar

Country GDP per capita- $41,581

Taiwan GDP Rank in the World- 39th

Literacy Rate- 98.04%

Life Expectancy M/F- 79 years

Official Language- Mandarin

Historical Events

1875- In 1875 Taiwan got divided into two preferences north and south.

1844- In 1844 Keelung and Tamsui harbor were blocked from the French navy during the Sino- French War

1887- In 1887 Liu Minchan was elected the first governer.

Current Event in Taiwan

In Taiwan some citizens want same sex marriage legal. For 13 years the Gay Pride March flooded the streets. A bill was sent out to Taiwan which was just introduced to them as a bill to legalize gay rights. Citizens who are involved in the march wave rainbow flags and banners, stating how same sex marriage should be legal in their country.

Taiwanese Company- Foxconn

Foxconn is an electronics company. It's clients include American, European and Japanese products and informational technology companies. Foxconn is the worlds largest manufacturer. The products they manufacture are blackberrys, iPhones, iPads, kindle, Xbox one, play stations and Wii U. In January, 150 Foxconn workers threatened to commit suicide because of working conditions.

Tourists Attractions

Three tourists attractions in Taiwan are Mount Ali, Shilin Night Market and Fullong Beach. At Mount Ali things you can do sre go hiking,catch the sunset and sunrise and lastly guy you can visit the small villages within the mountains. At the Shilin Night Market you can visit small restaurants, cinemas and arcades. Lastly, at Fullong Beach you can adventure watercourses and karaoke on the beach.

Can Taiwan Improve Their Economy?

Taiwan economy right now is very successful starting at $977.088 billion. Their economy can be improved though. They can make products meow expensive to bring in more money and they can have less workers working for them, so they don't have to pay as much workers. As that's not good for people in Taiwan trying to find a job it's good for the economy who is trying to bring in more money.