Republican Party Campaign Finance's

Module 9 Lesson 2 Assignment

Hannah Brown

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Total Amount: $550 million is needed

The donated money comes from 4 different groups; PAC contributions, personal donations, interest giving groups, and etc.

PAC contributions: $170,350,000 (60%)

Personal donations: $155,900,000 (35%)

Interest Giving Groups: $120,087,000 (6%)

Etc.: $103,663,000 (4%)

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One way for candidates to get extra donations, is through the Presidential Elections Campaign Fund. Whenever a citizen is filling taxes, there is a little checkbox that asks them whether or not they would like to donator $3 to help the candidates cause.

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The Federal Election Campaign Finance Act of 1971 prevented special factors to individuals, businesses, and labor unions that contributed to their campaigns. It required public disclose of each candidate’s spending and tried to limit the amount an individual or group could donate. However PACS are a good way for corporations to bypass this law.

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The PACs or Political Actions Committees is sort of a loophole to the Federal Campaigns Finance Act. There are certain labor unions, business, or corporations who send money to fund a certain candidate who supports their interest. PACS are limited to donating $5,000 to a single candidate and $15,000 to a political party per election.

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The Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act introduced many changes to the federal campaign finance law, but contained two major components:
  • Soft money -- the act put a ban on all soft money contributions.

  • Campaign ads -- the law forbids corporations and labor unions from buying advertisements mentioning a political candidate's name within 60 days of a federal election.

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Another loophole to the Federal Campaign Finance Act, soft money is donations given to political parties and not designated for a particular candidate. They are used for general expensive like national TV ads.

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- ConservAmerica is most likely support a candidate of this party because this organization was formed to aware others about environmental issues, support efforts to conserver natural recourses and protect both human and environment health which are the same goals as the Republican candidate.

- National Rifle Association would also support a republican candidate because they are well-known gun organization and if the democrats were to create gun control laws, there would be no more guns. So by supporting a republican, who also owns a gun, they will make sure that gun control laws wouldn’t happen.

- National Right to Life is an organization that would support this candidate because this candidate feels very strongly against abortion. This organization is created to inform people against abortion and helps with other human life issues.

- Blue Cross/Blue Shield is an organization that is most likely to support this candidate because they are a medical insurance company (Obamacare threatens their business). By support this candidate who will most likely try their hardest to get rid of Obamacare and help out the Blue Cross.

- The American Center for Law and Justice is an organization and their main goals are to make sure that everyone has their God-given and inalienable rights. My candidate wants to also make sure that everyone in the United States have all their rights, they also want to influence other countries to give their citizens some rights.