Techie Tuesday

Volume 2 Issue 3

Have you heard about the Hour of Code?

This is a week long celebration drawing attention to computer science and coding, this year it is December 6-12. Should we celebrate?! You betcha!! Now the question is HOW are we going to celebrate? I have some ideas, do you? I would be happy to work with you in your classroom. We could work with the whole class, we could work with students in groups, we could send information home - just a few thoughts to get you started. Click here to schedule a time for me to work with your class that week. Check out the Hour of Code website and you try the tutorials that your students could try. There are programs for non-readers all the way to high schoolers and for iPads or Computers!
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What are our obstacles?

I was reading an article the other day and it got me thinking - I know, a sign of a good read! It doesn't really answer any questions but made me start to think about what is standing in our way to being the cutting edge school that we are capable of being. I know we have something that can not be replaced by cutting edge but what greater combination could there be then the amazing relationships that we possess and cutting edge use of technology.

On top of coming across this article, I was at a training last week for Technology Coaches and the topic was Professional Development and what the obstacles were there!! I was picking up on some signs so thought I must share!!

My question to you is. . . What obstacles prevent you from incorporating more technology in your lessons?

Some of the obstacles that were discussed at my training had a lot to do with "buy in", lack of structured Professional Development, lack of resources, as well as access to devices and infrastructure.

Do any of these ring true for you? Is there something else? What is it? What can I do to help remove those obstacles?

Did you know. . .

Flipping your classroom is a lot easier than you think. . .

I was visiting a Kindergarten classroom the other day and the teacher was talking about how she records instructions for centers on her iPad. When the students get to that center they hit play and find out what they should be working on - and they can watch it again if they have any questions! This allows the teacher to be in two places at one time, giving instructions at one table and working with others at another table!!

Have you ever flipped a lesson? Have you ever recorded instructions or a process for students to watch when they weren't with you?

Keep in mind, you do not need to recreate the wheel. You may find some great videos that other teachers have already created and you can use those.

Have you ever made a screencast when you have a sub? I know there are a few teachers at Loyola that do this. The sub doesn't have to worry about missing anything and you know your students are getting the instructions they are supposed to because you are the one delivering them.

Let me know if you want to give it a shot, I would be happy to help!

Upcoming trainings

NWEA Training with Ann - All meetings will begin at 3:15

Thursday, November 12th - Upper Campus

Thursday, January 7th - Lower Campus

Thursday, February 11th - Upper Campus

Thursday, March 10th - Lower Campus

Thursday, April 21st - Upper Campus

Google Docs and Drive refresher - 11/16 3:15 Lower Campus Library

This be a 30-45 minute refresher on Google Docs and Drive. You might find that there is a feature you didn't know about or be reminded of one you forgot about. Come with any questions you might have!

TIES We are a subscriber school so most of the TIES trainings are no cost to you. They offer classes at a variety of times and formats! Click here to see a list of TIES offerings. There are courses for beginners and for those that are looking to be challenged with a new topic.

South Central Service Coop

Have you heard of another training that others should know about? Please let me know and I will include it here!

A few of my favorite things . . .

QuickTime Player - Very easy to use program on our laptops that allow you to make a quick screen cast. This is something that could be used to flip a lesson. The nice thing about screen casting is your don't have to be in the video if you don't want to. QuickTime is not limited to screen casting but that is what I use it for.

iMovie Trailers - Another easy program to create captivating videos. There are themes to pick from and you can build up excitement or use as an intro. If you promise not to laugh click here for my very first iMovie assignment. I had to create an introduction for a training and this is what I came up with. Student's could use this tool to present or demonstrate understanding. Teacher's could use it to introduce a new unit or topic. Check it out, there are some fun templates.

Google Tasks - This one is definitely not as much fun as the others but it really helps me stay organized. If an email comes in that I need to add to my task list I can click on the more button and add it directly to my list. Then, when I am working through my list I can go back to that email - it includes a link to it on my list!

Whiteboard apps for the iPad - There are a number to pick from: Educreations, Explain Everything, ShowMe, to name just a few. This combined with AirServer allows your students to work on their iPads and then display for the class. Some apps students can record within the app to demonstrate their understanding. Students can explain how they work through a math problem, draw a picture to explain a significant event, draw a map, practice spelling, parts of speech, etc. . . With AirServer they can connect to the teachers computer which is connected to the projector and then share with the class. I kind of cheated there and have two of my favorite things here - Whiteboard apps and AirServer!

What are a few of your favorite things?

Where can I find Chrissy?

  • My detailed weekly schedule will be posted on the Technology Integration website
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  • Lower Campus Tuesday and Thursday mornings.
  • I am available via email and, with notice, can change my schedule as your needs arise. I am willing to keep my prep for Econ flexible to assist with your requests.

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