Digital Citizenship

by Matthea Niemoth


Your online brand/reputation is what other people think of you based on what they see online. If your status updates contain swear words, your pictures are inappropriate, and you cause lots of drama, you probably have a bad online reputation. You want to be careful what you put online, because anyone could find it.

Digital Footprint

You may think that whatever you delete off the internet is gone forever, but it's not. Your digital footprint is where you've been and what you've done on the internet. That includes Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and such. If you leave a bad digital footprint, you might not get a certain job. Employers have people specially trained just to see if applicants are worthy. Just by looking online. So be careful about what you do online. It could ruin your career.

What Not To Do

-cause drama


-post inappropriate pictures and/or statuses

These are the top three things employers hate when they see them on a social media site. Avoid them.


search video-The Cyberbullying Virus

Cyberbullying is constantly harassing someone on technology. It could be phones, Facebook, or any social media site you're on. Cyberbullying has caused suicide. It could be meant as a joke, but something you said could be hurtful to another person. If someone died because of what you said, I know I would think twice before I said something that might hurt someone else. But the question is: Would you?



Matthea Niemoth