Gateway Digital Project

By Miriam Needles

What My Project is About

My project is on Ancient Egyptian agriculture and how it has evolved. It has many things that has helped us evolve into today. There are also many different things than what it was in the past. I am focusing on how it has helped us evolved into today.

Some Ancient Egyptian Things

What the Things Above are and What They are Used For

The sickle was used for cutting down stalks of grains. They usually cut the grains just above the works knees, they used the sickle to do this.

The animal drawn plow was made by the Egyptians. They used the plow to plow the fields. This tool made plowing a lot easier. They believed that the gods sent them the idea for the animal-drawn plow.

They used the shaduf to get water out of the river. This tool made life a lot easier to get water. The way they used it is that they used the rope to pull the water up and out of the water. They also could use the side with the large ball looking thing on the end to pul the water up and out of the water.