Conditioning Class

Kung fu training for strength and endurance

Many popular work-out programs today borrow heavily from traditional martial arts conditioning techniques. We are proud to present a new class that extracts exercises from centuries of Seven Star Mantis Kung Fu practices for contemporary use. This training will holistically build up the students' physical as well as mental capacity.

Every Tuesday at 7pm

Curriculum includes:

  • Chinese boxing techniques to build upper body power
  • Foundational kicks to increase lower body strength and flexibility
  • Calisthenics drills that engage various muscle groups
  • Horse stances for balance and endurance
  • Introductory Qi (vital energy) training for overall health and well-being

About the Instructor

Sifu Yamel Torres is a teacher of traditional Chinese martial arts with over 22 years of instructional experience. He has trained multiple regional and national medalists in sparring and forms competitions. He earned his Master of Traditional Oriental Medicine Degree from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine where he is also a faculty member. Sifu Yamel is a Board Certified Acupuncturist and Herbalist currently in private practice in Chicago, focusing his efforts on lasting holistic wellness.

Pricing Schedule

  • Free for all members of Chinese Martial Arts and Wellness Center
  • For non-members:
  1. $15 to audit one class (no commitment)
  2. $20/class for 5 passes, $15/class for additional 5 passes

To fully benefit from the curriculum's progression, we require each participant to commit to 5 classes. You may also view a class in session free of charge.