Kindergarten Newsletter ACES

Week Of April 3rd

Highlights from last week....

What a week in kindergarten! The learning that is taking place is AMAZING! We hope you are able to see it at home as well.

In Reader's Workshop, we worked on how readers think while they read. We used our schema as we read our books. We learned how good readers make connections while they read. The children practiced making connections during our read alouds and independent reading.

In Writer's Workshop, we finished up our unit on writing reviews. We practiced using finger spaces, uppercase letters and end marks.

In phonics, we are still working on digraphs.

In Math, we worked on number bonds and number sentences. Our focus was to really "read" the number sentences to determine whether to add or subtract the numbers in the sentence. This was a VERY tricky concept, so we are going to continue to practice this skill this week.

What a great week of learning!

A peek at our learning this week....

There will be a lot of learning happening this week in kindergarten.

In Reader's Workshop, we will be working on how readers think while they read. We will be using our schema as we read our books. The children are working on making text to text and text to self connections while they read. They are practicing using the words "this book reminds me of....."

In phonics, we will focus on digraphs and b and d reversals. We will help the children develop strategies to help them remember which letter is which.

In Math, we will be working on number bonds and number sentences up to 10. We will be focusing on subtracting or "breaking numbers apart" this week. We will focus on number stories and work on acting them out, writing the sentence and creating a number bond to match the sentence. We will also focus on reading number sentences to determine if we should add or subtract the numbers in the sentence.

We are going to finish up reading our books on Eric Carle. The children love making connections with his books.

Change of Clothes

Please be aware that due to the warmer weather, we will be going outside as much as we can during recess. The playground will be wet. Please send in a change of clothes for your child. I will change out the clothes that I currently have for them when I receive the new ones from home. Also, if you send your child in to school with boots, please be sure to send in a pair of sneakers or shoes to change into. Our friends are coming in from recess soaking wet and they have nothing to change into. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

More information

Many parents are asking what the class needs for supplies. We could use some Clorox Wipes. Thank you in advance.


Please practice letters and sounds with your child nightly! Thank you!

Thank you!!

A note from Mrs. Chadwick

A note from Mrs. Maillet

I hope you all had a wonderful extended weekend. I want to take this time to apologize to the mix up with the book order last month. I do have book orders for the month of April, but I was thinking that maybe I would hold off on sending out the flyers because we are having our book fair this week. If you would like your child to purchase a book, please put the money in an envelope and label it. They can buy their books at lunch time.

Think About It Sheets- We started a new behavior system in our classroom. It is important for our friends to reflect on their behavioral choices. Starting this week, if your child has to move their "car" because they have made a poor choice, they will owe me time during their "free choice". During this time, they will complete a sheet that states what they did to move their car and what they will do next time. I will make a copy of the sheet and send it home. Please take this time to share the sheet with your child, sign it, and send it back. Thank you in advance.

A note from Mrs. Potter

Please remember to check your child's red folder daily! Some report cards are still in there. The report card can stay at home but the report card envelope should be returned and signed. On Friday, information regarding the upcoming Scholastic Book Fair was sent home. Also, please remind your child that toys must stay at home unless it is their day to share the mystery bag with the class! Thank you! :)

We had a great week of learning! The class was very excited to start working with subtraction and everyone is doing a great job learning a tricky concept! We will be finishing up our work on opinion writing this week! Students have really enjoyed writing and sharing their reviews with the class!

A note from Mrs. Melanson

I will not be sending home April scholastic news. We will have a scholastic news book fair at our school this week and students are able to purchase books during their recess time. If you send in money with your child to purchase a book, please put it in an envelope or plastic baggy with their name on it. Thursday evening, we will also have the book fair open for anyone that would like to come and purchase some books. There are always great hard and soft cover books available at the book fairs for very reasonable prices!

Please do not let your child take toys to school unless they have the mystery can. They become a distraction during learning times and they can get lost or stolen at school, so it is best to keep them at home. I appreciate this!

Many students have grown quite a bit from the beginning of the school year and are realizing that their extra clothes do not fit any more. I am happy to send home their extra clothes bag so that you can update it. Just drop me a note in the red folder and I will put them in their backpack.

Thanks for returning report card envelopes. If you have any questions about report cards, please let me know. I'm happy to go over it with you!! Thanks for all you do every day!

A note from Mrs. Goldthwaite

Just a few reminders: I will not be sending out a scholastic book order for April. This coming week we have the scholastic book fair at our school. The students will be able to purchase books at their recess time. Please when sending in money please have name and how much is in envelope or baggy and what it is for( books or snack). We also will have an evening where you can come purchase books. It will be Thursday night. Great Easter basket ideas.

This Wednesday, April 5 is a half day of school (lunch will be served).

Our class has been working really hard at learning our sight words. Please use the sight words that you found in the report card envelope and practice them. You can use them as flash cards, go fish game , memory game.

We were working on the (an) family words. This week we will talk about the (ap) word family. We will continue to tap out CVC words. We will continue to talk about digraphs, th, sh, wh, ch and ck. It is exciting to see the children reading and then see them in a word.

Thank you for the tissues. I am looking for some klorox wipes. When we eat breakfast and snack in our rooms each day. I use the wipes to have clean tables.

Thank you for all your support. Mrs. Goldthwaite