Daily Income

Daily Income - A Cut-To-The-Chase Review

Philip Mansour's achievements in CPA marketing are known by many marketers in the field. He created a product, Daily Income, with the goal to take all the mystery out of CPA and provide a clear map for those who are struggling with it. It's a course that was designed specifically for marketers who want to get their hands on the insider secrets of getting successful with CPA. The best CPA marketers work with PPC advertising a lot, and you'll see the other PPC platforms that work very well, and it isn't Google. This course is great for those will little to no experience, as well as those who do have experience because Philip wanted to appeal to a broad range of experience levels. So what all is inside this course, Daily Income? It shows you how to create profit pulling PPC campaigns on networks that aren't leveraged by many. When you're done with this course you'll know exactly how to combine and integrate CPA marketing with PPC advertising. You'll also learn how to optimize your PPC campaigns for maximum profitability. Learning how to optimize your campaigns is a huge part of making more money because it lowers your CPC (cost per click) spending. So to that end, you'll receive over thirty videos included in three training modules. We'll move on to describe the training modules, and all you'll be getting in this course.

Daily Income Module 1: Network Traffic Reconnaissance - There are many untapped pay per click networks out there waiting to be exploited, and have absolutely no relationship with Google or Bing.

But it's not like you'll be shown networks that are unproven because other affiliates have been successfully advertising with them for years and making great profits. So it's really great because you'll get receive plenty of low-down on these out of the way networks. Plus, of course you'll see how you can take certain measures that will reduce the cost of your advertising on the networks.

Daily Income Module 2: Mobile Match Maker - All the ins and outs of mobile marketing and advertising your various offers is covered here. Another important aspect of mobile marketing is knowing which offers convert the best, and that's one more thing you'll learn. You'll also enjoy low ad spend because this area of marketing is not saturated with ppc marketers.

Daily Income Module 3: Artificially Organic - This is the module where Philip spills the beans on legally overtaking the search results for your chosen keywords.

This isn't another secret SEO thingy, but it is a unique method that Philip uses and he'll show you.

Daily Income is a course about CPA marketing that addresses the needs of those who desire to succeed with CPA marketing.