By: Audrey Kent

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Facts About DenMark

  • Danish people speak different languages like: Danish,Green Landic, German, and english.
  • Denmark means "Land of the danes"
  • It rains and snows every second day
  • Danish monarchy is the oldest monarchy
  • There is no barrier to love
  • Soccer is Denmarks favorite sport and national sport
  • Denmarks flag is the oldest flag
  • Considered the least "corrupt" country
  • Danes are certified foodies


I will be taking the airplane to Denmark with 2 of my friends. It will take 17 hours 40 minutes to get to CopenHagen airport from Houston.For 3 airplane tickets it will cost about 3,316.8 dollars.We will be staying in CopenHagen,Denmark for 4 days in a CopenHagen apartment.


We will be staying at a nice small apartment for about $76 per night so it will cost for 3 nights about $228.The apartment is a one bedroom apartment with two beds in the room and in the living room you can arrange a spot for the third person!
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So lodging will be $228 all together for 3 nights. Airplane tickets will be $3,316 for 3 people.Restaurants are pretty expensive actually a lot of things in CopenHagen is very expensive so to go to two different restaurants would be $120.In gas prices to fill up your gas tank it would be $111.So it's safe to say that CopenHagen is very expensive!
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