JAG DeKalb Bettering Our Community

Working Hard Towards a Better Neighborhood

My Community My Vision Parks Project

September 2015- April 2016

All students participate

Over 10 hours community service by end of project

Currently the JAG program is initializing their own vision to better the DeKalb county’s community. We are beginning with Waterloo park. We received a award that granted $500 for usage in the project. We’ve begun investing the money into Waterloo park because of its recent calamity; it had been burned down. We as JAG representatives have gone to Indianapolis on two separate occasions. One being Ivy Tech and the other being Ball state Center. In our agenda We discussed adding a splash pad and having it manageable by April. We also discussed about adding a teen center there as well.

In even lighter news about the project when first mentioned in front of the committee board of Waterloo we received unanimous votes on the project's pass.

This section is from the words of another student:

For this project we were competing with other schools for a $500 cash prize to do something to better our community. It was the first project we all worked on together and when we won it gave us a satisfying confidence boost. We seen that all of our minds together were super valuable and that we truly have the ability to change this world one community at a time. Everyone in our JAG class thinks so differently. It’s a wide variety of different people. All those different perspectives put together come up with GREAT ideas!

Military Letters

November 8, 2015

All students participated

1 hour community service

In JAG we offer tons of physical community service but these letters were a form of mental community service. Each one of us wrote a handwritten appreciation letter to a soldier serving during the holidays. It not only gave us a chance to make someone’s day, it also gave us a chance to reflect on what we were truly thankful for and get insight on how the actions of others gave us the opportunity we have today.

Now another view from another Student in the program:

We as a JAG class drove an initiative for all of DeKalb Central Schools to send letters of appreciation and consideration to military personnel thanking them for their services. Everyone including myself, found it inspirational and were ecstatic about doing it. For me personally, it was something I've been wanting to do for a while, but i never got around to it . JAG gave us the opportunity to do this. With our letters, the Bert Show was able to make sure every military service man and woman received a letter for Thanksgiving holiday.

Our only room for improvement on this project is starting it earlier next year to get more people to be involved at DHS.

Example Letter One

Example Letter Two

Can Food Drive

October 2015

All Students Participated

Over 2 hours community service

We as JAG members put personal funds and care into a Food Can drive to feed the less fortunate. Our cans were donated to Council on Aging for Senior Citizens who are in need. It was a single class thing and as you can see in the picture hanging on the right of this article we gathered quite the number of items! We at JAG do care about everyone and try our best to make it easier no matter how small it is. We would like to involve our whole school next year and have a canned food booth.

Healthy Halloween

October 27, 2015

Katie Johnson, Samantha Garrett, Leah Townsend, Bob Henderson, Dakota Myers, Aubrey Wood, Kadie Teeter

2.5 hours

Each student in JAG is way beyond the age appropriate to go trick or treating, we didn’t let that stop us from celebrating the holiday the fun way! A group of us gathered at the fairgrounds and put a healthy twist on Halloween. Our booth started out horrible and we weren’t as prepared as we wanted to be. Using our critical thinking skills and teamwork we quickly turned our booth around for the better! We not only got to put a smile on hundreds of tiny children’s faces, we also got a chance to see how things don’t always go the way we plan. The only thing you can do is work with the resources and people around you and hope for the best. Life threw us lemons, and we as a JAG family turned it into lemonade.

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Sweet Cases

August 2015

All students participated

2 hours community service

We raised money for sweet cases. With this money foster kids were provided with suitcases to move their things around instead of trash bags. We as students raised $55 in about 3 weeks and our teacher matched us. Within about a month we raised $110 for this organization. We would like to involve the whole school next year to make it better. This showed us as a class what we can do in a short amount of time if we all work together as a team.

Eckhart Library community service

September 11 and September 21st, 2015

Dakota Myers, Bobby Henderson, Logan DeWitt

2.5 hours community service

This year we have helped out at Eckhart library in Auburn, IN. We pulled weeds and did landscaping. When it got colder we started working inside and organized a new area as well as alphabetized the book shelves. We like helping a group that helps our community every day. We'd like to make this a class field trip and volunteer day next year to improve it.


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