September Monthly Newsletter

Recognition and Updates

Recognition AGAIN!!!

I am excited to get back on track for our Monthly Recognition! Our back office now allows us to see previous month sales, PV, and CTV. There are some changes to the recognition categories but, rest assured we are getting back on track and I can RECOGNIZE all of your HARD work!! :)

August Sales

As a Team we did $50,053.99



Chrissie Didona

Leading Designer

Donna Gipe

Way to go ladies...MOVING ON UP!!! It ONLY goes UP from here!! Keep up the great
work!! :)

All Promote Ups to TEAM LEADER and above will receive a $10 Gift Card from me!!

TOP 20 in PV

Mary Ann Sibug $ 2,012.40

Malinda Mitchell $ 1,801.90

Brenda Farmer $ 1,668.10

Emily Hahn $ 1,525.90

Monica Knight $ 1,518.30

Cathy & Caitlin Weigler $ 1,223.30

Dana Gallagher $ 1,205.30

Robin Deemer $ 1,127.70

Amber Hyde $ 1,028.80

Shannon Daly $ 1,010.30

Linda Miller $ 1,004.90

Dawne Linde $ 873.70

Camille Obert-Goralski $ 775.90

Chrissie Didona $ 691.70

Tracy clark $ 686.50

Donna Gipe $ 670.00

Gabrielle Heidebrink $ 663.10

Lisa Blotsky $ 652.50

Jessica Justice $ 632.70

Top 3 (excluding myself) will receive a $10 Gift Card to Target!! Congrats!!!


Jennifer Wojturski

Jaime Ervin

Debra Moody

Damian Padilla

Katherine Cena

Brenda Philo

dawne linde

Julie Freeman

Susan Mortensen


Ashley Gibson

Mary Carmell Beukemann

maritza dress

Susan Filip

Jennifer Heberlie

Natasha Jerome

Lesa Canfield

Trisha Bender

Jacquie Bartlett

Karen Swanegan

Suzanne Schauer

Angie Stanekenas

Jennifer Burton

Donna Gipe

Faith Reed

Sabrina Beilharz

Neca Ehle

alicia maloney

Gina Ivancic

Timothy Latham

Margie Peoples

Makenna Fuller

Shanna Heistad

Deidra Sanders

Brandy Cubitt

Lisa Aramouni

Lisette Knox

Lisa Hunley

Jamie Dunn

Julia Montani

Bryce Romberger

aleesha milliman

Dara Frango


Baloi Valenzuela

Maria Gasgonia

Tina Dubel

Britney Dillon

Jennifer Havens

Cynthia Aslanian

Each of these designers are eligible for the SOAR to SUCCESS Program (pictured BELOW) and can earn FREE display pieces and essential business tools when they reach their goals!!! NEW DESIGNERS..Make sure you are discussing your GOALS to your MENTOR and Mentors, make sure you are supporting, motivating, and guiding them to REACH their goals!!

Big image


Don't Miss Out on THIS!!!!

Boot Camps

Did you just start as a designer? Are you trying to figure out what you need to do next?

Maybe you have been a designer for awhile but, trying to figure out what to do next. How do you rebuild your business? How do you find that spark again?

If you are interested in learning the answer to these questions YOU will want to be a part of the Boot Camp for New Designers or the REboot Camp for the seasoned designers!

STAY TUNED for information coming from our Direct to Corporate Kristine Stevens TOMORROW 9/22/2015. I, along with a few other Directors are the HOOT SERGEANTS for this 30 DAY CHALLENGE. Each day is a Topic that you will need to finish...the topics will be emailed to you and you respond via Facebook. Each one take just a few minutes to finish...a few are a little longer. You do not want to miss signing up for this because we are ONLY letting about 300 in on the classes..due to the amount of work it involves, keeping track of everyone's posts and interaction. It's a LOT of fun and you will LEARN a LOT while growing your business!!!


Everyone should have received a TEXT message or EMAIL announcing the WEBINAR with Chrissy Weems, founder and CEO of Origami Owl. It will be held on Thursday. The LINK to REGISTER is in your back office and you should also have received it in your EMAIL. If for any reason you did NOT get those communications PLEASE reach out to your mentor or upline and find out how you can get it.


YOU do NOT want to miss reading The Hoot tomorrow!!! (9/22/2015) I will give you a hint....Gobble Gobble!!! ;)

Scheduling a Call with your Director!!

One thing I LOVE most about my "job" is to inspire all of you to be the BEST you can be!!! I personally mentor 47 Designers on my frontline but, I also work hard to establish relationships with all of you too!! Most of you have some AMAZING mentors that work so hard at giving you the support you most likely you won't need the "extra" support from me..BUT some of you might feel alone or may not be getting the support you desire! To meet your needs and help support you in achieving your goals, I have set up a SCHEDULER for ANYONE on the team to set up a time to discuss business, goals, plans, etc.
To set up a time to chat with me CLICK ON THIS LINK>>>>
I look forward to talking with YOU!!


You are receiving this message because you area part of Team Owlistas! We also have a Facebook Team Page that can also serve as a great resource of motivation, inspiration, and ideas to help your business. As always, your first point of contact is your Mentor, the designer who you signed up with. She/He has your best interest and will support you in your goals. If you or your mentor are unable to find a solution you can then go to your next point of contact. Make sure to find out who your UPLINES are! :)

You may need to send me a Facebook Friend request in order for me to add you to the group! My FB account is provided.