6 weeks project

project for mrs. dixon's

  • Brainstorming:
  1. when brainstorming you would use a graphic organizer.

  • revising and editing techniques:
  1. trim sentence endings, correct spelling, and make sure you use the right punctuation.

  • Influence in setting and plot:
  1. it is just simply setting: a time or place in a story.
  2. Sensory language:
  3. when you use the 5 senses too describe something. the senses are touch,
sight, smell, hear, and feel.

  • point of view:
  1. point of view is who's perspective the story is told from. there is first person view and third person view.

  • types of narratives:
  1. there are 4 types of narratives,they are: science fiction, Mystery, Fantasy, and Time travel.
  2. Science fiction is like star wars, they are mostly in space.
  3. mystery is where you need to discover something.
  4. fantasy is like fiction books but in a movie.
  5. time travel is where the character travels back or further in time.