Hawthorne Happenings - May Edition

From the desk of Mr. Mahal

Dates to remember...

May 3 - Bike and Roll to School (more information below)

May 3 - 3rd grade field trip to Quarry Hill

May 3 - 4th & 5th Grade Music Concert - 1:45

May 4 - 1st grade to Albert Lea Museum

May 4 - 4th & 5th Grade Choir Tour

May 5 - 2nd Grade field trip to Hormel Nature Center

May 8 - Final PTO meeting for school year

May 9 - Kindergarten-3rd Grade AL Public Library Summer Reading Presentation

May 9 - 5th Graders visit SW Middle School

May 11 - 2nd Grade to Albert Lea Museum

May 12 - 3rd Grade Class Picnic

May 12 - School of Excellence Celebration at 1:45

May 18 - 2nd Grade Class Picnic

May 18 - 5th Grade Class Picnic

May 19 - Kindergarten Class Picnic

May 19 - 1st Grade Class Picnic

May 19 - 4th Grade field trip to Niagara Cave

May 19 - 5th Grade graduation at 1:30 in the gymnasium

May 22 - 4th Grade Class Picnic

May 23 - Field Day and Final Day of School

Walk & Roll to School on May 3!

Walk and Roll to Hawthorne Elementary

Walking and biking to school builds kids confidence and independence, strengthens neighborhood connections, makes children healthier, gets the brain ready to learn, and is fun.

If Your Child Walks/Bikes to School: Work with your child to choose a good route. Try different routes together and see which one(s) feel best. Ensure your child wears a helmet every time he or she bikes. The helmet should fit snugly and level on the head just above the eyebrows. Teach your child he/she is driving a bike to school and needs to obey all rules of the road.

If You Drive Your Child to School: Stop at a safe curbside spot a few blocks or more from Hawthorne Elementary, let your child out on the sidewalk side of the street, and let him or her walk or bike the rest of the way. This does four things:

• Saves you time

• Minimizes traffic near school

• Makes the entrance area safer for students

• Gives your child independence and fresh air before class

Carpool as often as possible to reduce traffic near the school.

Drive slower than the speed limit near Hawthorne Elementary during busy times.

Always stop for students waiting at the crosswalks.

If Your Child Takes the Bus: Let him or her walk to and from the bus stop

Math Connection

Learning to multiply and divide can be more about thinking than memorizing. Strategies like these can help your child practice:

1. Make it fun! If your child collects toy animals, you might ask, "How many legs do 4 horses have?" He/she can "skip count" the legs by 4's (4, 8, 12, 16) to see that 4 X 4 = 16. Or if he/she has friends over and wants to divide 17 pretzels equally among 3 people, he/she can "deal them out." He/she will see that each person gets 5, and there are 2 left over.

2. Use what you know! Encourage your son/daughter to look for clues to help them solve problems. For 8 X 7, he/she could consider other math facts he knows. "I know 4 groups of 7 = 28. I need 8 groups, so I can double that answer. If 28 + 28 = 56, then 8 X 7 = 56."

Help our students succeed - Join us in the classroom!

We are looking for Reading Corps and Math Corps tutors for the 2023-24 school year. You can work with students every day, during the school day and help them become successful in reading and math!

Reading Corps and Math Corps provide comprehensive training in strategies proven to help students build academic skills. Tutors are paid a living allowance and are eligible for up to $4,266 to pay tuition or repay student loans. Tutors 55 or older may gift the award to their child or grandchild. Tutors may be eligible for free health insurance and child care assistance.

Learn how you can get involved by visiting readingandmath.net. You can also help by telling a friend or family member (grandparents make great tutors, too!) about openings at our school and statewide! Positions start in August for the 2023-24 school year. Send questions to recruitment@servetogrow.org or call 866-859-2825.