THE Executive Branches

Emily Forest

The Federal Executive Branch

  • The executive power lies in the hands of the president.
  • Obama holds this power
  • The Executive Branch's power is to enforce laws
  • The President;s role/ job is to act as Head of state, commander in chief, chief legislator, economic planners, party leader, chief diplomat, chief executive,
  • The main departments in the president's cabinet are: dpt of treasury, defense, state, justice, interior, labor, health and human services

State executive Branch. (There are a lot more than in the Federal Branch

  • Larry Hogan holds this power (the governor)
  • The function is to enforce laws within the state
  • The roles/ jobs of the governor is to enforce laws
  • The Departments of the Governor are:
  1. Aging
  2. Agriculture
  3. budget and managing
  4. commerce
  5. Disabilities
  6. Education
  7. Environment
  8. General Services
  9. Health and Mental Hygiene
  10. Housing and community development
  11. Human Resources
  12. IT
  13. Juvenile Services
  14. Labor Licensing and Regulating
  15. Natural Resources
  16. Planning
  17. Public Safety and Correctional Services
  18. State police
  19. transportation
  20. Veterans Affairs