How To Spot A Scam SEO Company

How To Spot A Scam SEO Company

Subjectively, The art of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), can be defined as a highly-specialized process of creating a successful website, because if a commercial website cannot be found in major search engines, the SEO "expert" is basically just isn't doing it's job. The art of SEO directly addresses the need for a website to corner more traffic and get targeted visitors, who in turn will convert into buying customers.

The need for priority placement and top rankings is a daily, on-going challenge for a professional SEO specialist. The SEO field, as a whole, needs to get updated with constant changing technology, and also needs to be familiar with other web site marketing techniques such as banner ads, pay-per-click programs and even standard offline advertising options.

How To Spot An SEO Scam

Here are a few methods, or terminologies, unscrupulous SEO firms employ to lure their poor clients into accepting their methods as legitimate ones. In the end, these sorry clients may just suddenly wake up and realize that they'd been tricked, and find out that their goals of increased traffic and higher rankings have never been fully addressed, or were never even tackled in the first place.

- Cloaking. This term refers to an unethical technique that is used by some shady SEO firms to serve up one page of highly-optimized text to the search engines and a different page to your visitors. While this is not a scam in the same sense as with other scams, however this would be problematic since, over time, more than likely your site will be caught by the search engines and your IP address and domain name will be banned.

The miserable effect of this is that you will be engaging in unethical activity, you will pay money for this, and your site will suffer by being dropped from the search engines. One way to be aware of this is watching for other files your SEO company may be placing on your site, or you could state upfront with your SEO firm that you do not want cloaking used on your site.

- SEO Email Spam. Whenever you receive e-mail messages like "We've noticed that you are not listed in some search engines", be suspicious. The best way to find an SEO company is to search the major search engines you wish to be listed upon for them and not let them come to you. After all, if an SEO expert can get their sites high in the search engine rankings, chances are they can do the same for you.

- "Guaranteed Rankings". These so-called guarantees, by themselves, are not bad as many credible SEO firms also offer some sort of guarantee on their services. Be on the lookout for the guarantees that offer quite incredible results, such as "rank number 1 in Google in 2 weeks", or guarantees that are so watered-down that they sound meaningless. Expecting quick of results for new, uneducated customers may be quite unrealistic in the SEO world, so customers need to be educated as to what they should realistically expect.

There are fly-by-night SEO firms who will play off of these "drive-up window" expectations and promise unrealistic time frames for results, and afterward, they will balk at giving refunds, or offer you other services for more money in place of refunds. In the end, these so-called SEO experts may become unreachable by mail, email or phone or suddenly disappear from existing market. Complete SEO package that may be helpful to rank you higher in search engine ranking. Visit the link given here for getting reliable SEO services-

Distinguishing the legitimate SEO firms from the phony ones can be a challenging, and daunting activity. However, with a little investigative work, you would be able to spot them, and avoid most pitfalls.