Transformation of 19th Century

Manufacturies, Transportation and Industry

Effect Industrialization had on Women

Young Girls mostly from New England and Canada came to the factories to work and gain money.

The paid was of two dollars per week with half of hour for lunch and dinner and they work for 14 hours.

New Opportunities

Five companies started and cotton mills belonged to them. People began to tell stories about the new opportunities that were given to all people who wanted to work in the factories.

Bad Conditions

People who worked at the fabrics died every day because of the bad conditions they had. Women did not used specials suits and it was dangerous to them, specialy young girls.

The two main transportation during the 19th century were Steamboats and Railroad System

Trains and Boats change the form of transportation. Railroad connected most part in Eastern United States. Steamboats were used to transport goods and people across the Atlantic.

Manufacturing during 19th Century

Manufacturing was done in people’s homes, using hand tools or basic machines.