Why people smoke

People smoke for many different reasons and most of them I don't even know but I do know some of the reasons. Most teenagers started smoking because they wanted to look more mature, and it worked because if you start smoking at a young age you will start looking older. That is good if you stop smoking when you look older but if you can't or don't stop smoking when you look older, at the age of about 20 you will look like you are older. Another reason is if your friend smokes and they ask you if you want one you might say sure and get addicted to smoking or you would just say sure because you don't want your friend to be smoking alone. Some adults smoke because they are stressed out. Some people say smoking makes them feel good.

Diseases from smoking

There are many diseases from smoking and they are all very bad. These are some of the diseases : Cancer, Heart disease, Stroke and Bronchitis. Smoking could also cause death. Some of the diseases are caused by you breathing in smoke from a cigarette, then letting it start spreading in your lungs until they will start rotting and turning black and if you breath in to much smoke it could spread around your whole body and cause more diseases. About 17 percent of Canada smokes which is bad. In Canada the age you can buy cigarettes is 19 and the legal smoking age in Canada is 19 but some people start smoking at a younger age.


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Effects Of Smoking