Year of the Hangman

Gary Blackwood

Main Characters


He is the main character of the book he was sent to America by his mother because he is a very troublesome person.

Dr. Ben Franklin

Dr. Ben Franklin is a Yankee who used to live in Philadelphia but now lives in New Orleans he runs a print shop where he posts the Liberty Tree a newspaper that tries to win over fellow Americans against the British.

Colonel Gower

He is Creighton's uncle he is a British soldier in the revolutionary war and he is very cruel and mean to Creighton.

Primary setting

The primary setting of this book is in New Orleans, Pensacola, and England during 1776-1777

Main Conflict

The main conflict is where do Creighton's loyalties lie.

Harry Brown's death

Monday, Feb. 15th, 9pm

St Marks, FL, United States

Saint Marks, FL

Harry Brown supposedly was hung in St. Marks Florida for treason

Gower and the general escape prison

Tuesday, Feb. 16th, 9pm

New Orleans, LA, United States

New Orleans, LA

Creighton Helps his uncle and the general escape out of prison in New Orleans. He then was struck in the head by his uncle and didn't escape to the mississippi with them.