School District Dress Code

Find out why students get suspended.


Do you think that it is fair that students shed their rights at school grounds? You would probably say that this isn’t true. But, school dress codes challenge the intent of the First Amendment, which is the freedom to express yourself. If you can’t express yourself, (through your clothes) don’t you just lose that right at school altogether? That’s right. A lot of people have gone to court because of students getting suspended for violating the dress code. These are some clothing/accessories that a few of the students have worn that has caused them to get suspended: hair that expresses their relatives/family's religious beliefs, a jacket and a tie, and fashionable clothes (also, new trendy styles).

These are only SOME of the court cases to debate about school district dress codes. In a school district in Texas, a 5-year-old got suspended for wearing his hair (which was long, which is the first violation of the school district's dress code policy) in braids (which is the second item that violated the dress code policy). He was doing so to express himself and his family's religious beliefs. The court mentioned to the district that the child has the right to wear his hair like that.

A school district in Florida suspended a high school student for wearing a jacket and a tie. How weird is that? It is very weird. But, school officials say that he was forewarned that those items of clothing were breaking the school district dress code policy.

In Kentucky, a court was debating about a school district's dress code that challenges the First Amendment (which,as I said in the intro, is the freedom to express yourself). The school district dress code doesn't allow any of the following items: baggy pants, blue jeans, "distressed" clothing, dyed hair (unnaturally colored), piercings anywhere with an exception to those in ears.

Now do you understand what the school district dress code does to students’ rights? What do YOU think about a dress code? Join this debate; do you want your rights or not?

Don't let your spirit be extinguished!

School Dress Codes don't let you express yourself! Students all over the United States get suspended

A ton of people have gone to court because of so many kids getting suspended for "breaking the dress code." Lots of students have been suspended because they wore:

  • Hair (long) that expresses their relatives'/family's religious beliefs.
  • A jacket and a tie
  • Fashionable and trendy clothes

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Interview 1

1st Interview with Ava Crespo and Arianna Grandi

Arianna: What are your thoughts about a dress code?

Ava: There should be a dress code because people could show up to school in their undergarments. That would make other people feel awkward.

Interview 2

2nd Interview with Essa Garrett and Arianna Grandi

Arianna: What do you think about a dress code?

Essa: I think that there should be a dress code but it should be reasonable. Like there should be a dress code with clothes so that people won't show up in something inappropriate. But, you should be able to wear your hair how you want.

Interview 3

3rd Interview with Sarah Kutz and Arianna Grandi

Arianna: What are your feelings about a school dress code?

Sarah: You should be able to wear whatever we want with some guidelines like inappropriate clothes shouldn't be allowed.

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