S'no More!

No More Snow Please!

Two Snow Days in One Week!

Jack Gantos Responds!

Email From Author!

We sent an email to Jack Gantos thanking him for his visit! He was great and inspirational and FUNNY! I included the link to our newsletter and he responded right away. So nice!

Here is the content of the email!!

So kind of you to write with such encouraging words. It was a pleasure to speak at your school. The students were great fun. Thanks for the link. I went on and looked at the maps. Bravo!! ‘If you can see it, you can write about it.’

Sorry about all the dog stories. But they aren’t a troubling as the wart story which is pretty bloody. I tell it with trepidation because there is always one student who either faints or throws up when describe all the pain and blood. I might have to retire that story. A girl threw up in her purse last month and it sort of broke my heart.

Take care and hello to my new friends. Jack

Valentine's Day Dance!

Scott could not wait for the Valentine's Day Dance!! He really loves to dance! He likes doing his new move, "stirring the pot" and his old favorite, the worm!!! Julian Rigg, an 8th grade student, was the DJ, and he did a great job!!
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What Makes a Bird a Bird?

Nick especially liked reading, What Makes a Bird a Bird? He read aloud and did a fabulous job. He knows the answer to the question, what makes a bird a bird. Nicholas knows it's FEATHERS!!!