American Nurses Association

By: Leilani Lynn

ANA history

`The American Nurses Association started since September 2, 1896 and was founded by Isabelle Hampton Robb. On that day, delegates from ten graduate associations met at Manhattan Beach Hotel, near New York City, with the intent of organizing a national professional association for nurses.

An early goal was to provide better nursing care for American soldiers. Before the union was founded nurses worked in horrible conditions. They had to fight off the infectious conditions that were all around them. Every nurse was expected to to carry out a long list of nursing and non-nursing duties. The union grew by establishing guidelines in nursing practices. It also promotes and protects the rights of nurses in the work place. In addition to advancing the prosperity and general security of nurses.

The union today

Currently the union has a total of 163,011 members. Its current leader is President Pamela F. Cipriano who is the 35th president of the American Nurses Association. Its goal is to advance their profession to improve health for all. The American Nurses Association is "the voice of nursing".

Currently the amount of members is dropping because some feel that the ANA is not giving it's members the opportunity to decide how something is done.

The ANA's symbol is Florence Nightingale's lamp. She was a guiding force in the field of nursing. She spent her nights looking after soldiers in the late hours of the night, holding a lamp. She's known as being "the lady of the lamp."


I decided to interview Elena Martinez, a social worker who is a member currently of the United Federation of Teachers. She is a social worker at a public school. The UFT not only is a union made to cover teachers but also covers secretaries and social workers.

Question 1.) What are your thoughts on unions?

"i think unions are good. they protect the rights of social employees and advocate on their social workers behalf."

Question 2.) How has the union changed since you became a part of it?

"how we have become more collaborative versus adversarial with school administration"

Question 3.) If there was anything you could change about your union what would it be?

"That it not be so political in the sense that they favor certain politicians and people who follow certain politicians. For example i've been called before as a reminder to vote for Hillary Clinton. They do this all the time. Overall its very political. "

Question 4.) What member benefits does your union give you?

"we get medical coverage, dental coverage, medication coverage, salary increases, job security, avocation for shorter work days, and representation in Albany by the union."

Question 5.)How do you become a part of a union?

"You pay monthly bills towards the union. I pay about $50 a month per bill. Which is around $90 a month."

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