The Cattle Drive

By: Alivia Garcia And X'Zavain Love


The Cattle Drive

the cattle drive was in the 1866-1886. They drove cattle through Texas and Kansas and other parts of the southern part of Texas. Cattle drives were important then because cattle was a big deal for some of the meat markets. Cattle drives were mainly invited to get higher prices and find more buyers.


The first cattle had arrived in the 1600-1730 when some of the Spanish settler brought them here some of the Spaniards started ranching. and others that had cattle just raised them for food.


the first cattle drives were created by Texas ranchers leaded there herds to Louisiana although food was a main purpose they also started to make some profits off of them.

Cattle Market

in the 1840 and in 1850s people called drover which are people that drives most of the cattles to the markets. the people that drove the cattle to Oklahoma would use the trail named the Shawn Trail they also had an idea of taking the cattle to California were there was an huge increase in the population because of the gold rush