America industrialization

Alicia mullikin

Andrew Carnegie

Who was Andrew Carnegie: he was a man who started a steel factory during the Industrial Age.

What: steel factories produce steel tools, silverware, lamps, candle stands ect. And we still use this stuff today.

When: he was born November 25, 1835 dunfermline, fife, Scotland and at the age 13 he came to United states in 1848 and worked in a factory earning $1.20 a week then he quit that job for a telegraph messages job.

Where: his factory was built near Pittsburg

Why: his factory was important to us: he hired people to build stuff for future people to use.

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Alexander graham bell

Who: Alexander Graham Bell was an inventor, pianist, eminent scientist, engineer and a innovator.

What: He invented the telephone in 1876 and he also invented many other things, a way for deaf people to communicate.

When: He was 29 he invented the telephone and a year later he started the bell telephone company.

Where: Near Pittsburg the company was built.

Why: He wanted to provide a way for people to communicate without having to meet up with that person.

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Samuel Gompers

Central Pacific Railroad