From Cows to Basketballs

By: Colby


Have you ever shot a basketball? I'm going to show you how pepole make them. Now go shoot that ball.


Workers need rubber and cow-hide to construct a basketball. Sadly farmers have to kill cows to make the cow-hide.


Spalding lazer engraves every N.B.A teams balls with the team name. Butyl rubber is good at keeping air in and gives the ball its bounce. Now they shape the balls inside. Then they shape the cow-hide and put it on the outside of the ball. Now they test it they try bounceing, the ball shooting, and dribbling.


Spalding ships basketballs all over the world, you can get them at Dicks sporting goods, Target, the mall and many other places around the world.

Fun Facts

Only two people make basketballs at one store. They get so much heat on the ball it creates the teams logo.


Theres how you make a basketball. Now go shoot that ball!
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