Conflict Solution

BMS Summer Reading Assignmentt - Adriano Lopez


The problem was that everyone in the Village was becoming more greedy. They stopped caring for the sick and wounded and started trading at the Trade Mart which made the Forest more evil. A hand full of realized the reason why the Forest was becoming so bad and decided to take action. Mentor, for example, was a person who was very kind and caring and was ashamed of how he looked physically. He discovered that he could trade at the Trade Mart in exchange for getting rid of his physical traits.

The solution in this case was for Matty to give his life to heal the Earth which in turn made people understand that greed and selfishness were not the answer. Matty, after he died, was given the name the Healer because he managed to heal Earth. In life, he thought he was going to be given the name the Messenger.

The problem was that people were becoming greedy which made the Forest evil. By Matty sacrificing himself, made the Forest good again solving the problem the Village people were having.

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