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October 21, 2022

Important Dates

October 21 No School

October 24 No School

October 25 Spirit Day--wear camo

October 27 Picture Re-takes

October 28 Grade Cards Posted to Skyward

October 31 Fall Parade @ 2:45 and Parties to Follow

November 9 Two Hour Delayed Start

November 10 PTO Restaurant Fundraiser, 4th Grade Music Program @ 6:30 PM

November 16 Community Service Event

November 23-25 Thanksgiving Break

Fall Parties

Fall parties are scheduled for Monday, October 31. The parade will begin at 2:45 with the party following. We have an outside parade route so that families can come and watch.

You can help us to keep our fall celebration days safely on track by following these easy guidelines!

First, please remember that although students are invited to wear costumes to the fall parties, those costumes should be designed to be entertaining, not actually scary for our littlest cougars and bigger cougars (and Mrs. Fulcher). No blood, no guts, no gore, no weapons and no violence, please.

All students need to bring costumes to school in their backpacks or bag marked with their name. Time will be given for students to change before the parade.

Please save some excitement for evening trick-or-treating by leaving hair and face paint at home with extra costume parts like swords and daggers. Masks are fine as long as kids can see well enough to walk safely during the parade which will start at 2:45 P.M.

Classroom parties are from 3:00-3:30 in the classrooms. Thank you to our many parent volunteers who help to make this event happen! Volunteers may go to the classrooms beginning at 2:15. We will be maintaining our normal daily schedule until then, so disruptions to the classroom will be kept at a minimum with your help. Thank you!

As safety is always important, please remember that the parties are intended for Prairie Ridge Elementary students of attendance only. We do not have babysitting services during parties, so please make other arrangements for siblings if you intend to attend. All ages would be more than welcome to join us for the parade, but please do not plan to take younger or older (non-PRE students) children down to the classrooms.

All visitors must enter through the front doors and sign-in and out...even on party days! Thank you!

Plan Ahead for Late Start Days

The Board of Education approved three (3) delayed start days for the 2022-23 school year. The second delayed start date is Wednesday, November 9. Students will begin school two (2) hours later than normal. Students will need to arrive at school between 10:30-10:40 AM for the 10:45 AM start time.

Students who ride the bus will simply add two hours to their normal pick up time. For example, if the normal pick-up time is 8:05 AM, the pick-up time on November 9 would be 10:05 AM. Teachers and support staff will report for duty at their normal time on November 9. Schools will utilize time with staff for needed training and professional development.

Spelling Bee Information

Parents of USD 232 Elementary Students,

We want to make you aware of a change for elementary students in the 2022-2023 school year. Elementary students will not participate in classroom and/or building wide spelling bees.

While participation in oral bees is beneficial to a small group of students, it does not serve as best practice related to word study, and additionally, does not increase spelling skill proficiency. The goal of a spelling bee is to publicly identify one student who is successful; however, all other students must misspell for this to occur.

If an individual student remains interested in participation in the official Scripps spelling bee competition at the county level, the district is committed to making this possible by retaining licensure. If you wish for your student to participate in the Johnson County bee (February 4, 2023), please reach out to your child’s teacher and principal, in writing, no later than November 1, 2022.

Thank you

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Halloween PE Stations

We will be doing special Halloween rotations in P.E. the week leading up to October 31st! I would LOVE to have some extra parent helpers run the stations! If you are unable to come but still want to join in on the fun, I would greatly appreciate any donation! Please see the schedule and donation items needed below and sign up if you're available to come to school and help out! Thank you SO much! I am so excited to start new P.E. traditions at PRE!

Golden Spoon Winners

Congratulations to our award winning classes for showing great lunchroom behavior!







Double Diamond

The Double Diamond Award is given out every Friday to two classes (one K-2 and one 3-5) that have exemplified specific expectations during their specials classes. Specials teachers have explained what students need to do in order to earn this award.

•Listen AND follow teacher directions

•Only talking during appropriate times

•Use an inside voice when working

•Show RESPECT to everyone and to property

•Enter and Exit the classroom appropriately

•Give YOUR personal best effort during class

Mrs. Vaughan's 2nd grade class and Mrs. Bockhoff/Harrison's 4th grade class won the Double Diamond Award this week. Congratulations!!!

Cleanest Classroom

The Lead Custodian and his team observe cleanliness throughout the week in classrooms and adjoining restrooms. One classroom from the K-2 side and one classroom from the 3-5 side will be chosen each week and will be announced Friday.

The cleanest classroom award goes to Mrs. Robertson's class and Mrs. Mantel's class. Congratulations!

Students of the Week

Congratulations to our students of the week! Signs will be distributed next week. If you do not have a yard sign by Friday evening, please let us know! Signs will be picked up the following week.

Vaughn Reyes

Lincoln Rousselo

Ian McSpadden

LIa Pedraza

Declan Montgomery

Jack Haub

Zander Summerskill

Zack Sweeney

Lauren Polich

Max Kerr

Blake Zittergruen

Mason Mixon

Lena Graff

Avery Runyon

Annabelle Brunner

Christopher Andres

Cailin White

Amari Fleming

Maddie Brown

Savanna Howard

Avery Shaffer

Taylor Curboy

Tori Strathman


As you know from previous communication, we will invite visitors into our lunchroom after Labor Day weekend. We will continue with signing up for lunch to ensure that we know who will be entering the building as a safety measure. We are happy to share that we will be opening THREE families per grade level. For those who are new to Prairie Ridge, visitors for lunch are often a parent, a relative, or a family friend, usually someone who is visiting from out of town.

Please, keep in mind the following important points:

  • Lunch periods are 27 minutes long and we have to stay on schedule to fit everyone in close to a normal "lunch time."
  • Parents may be joined at their reserved table by their child only. It can create negative competition with hurt feelings when we allow for others to join.
  • Parents may bring in outside food for their dining party only. Food and/or drink must be consumed during the lunch period and not sent back to class with the student.
  • Confidentiality is important to us, so kindly refrain from sharing stories later if you happen to notice that another child is having behavioral or learning challenges. We've got people for that! Feel absolutely free to seek assistance from our on-duty staff if you notice that someone else needs help!

How do I sign up? Click this link to let us know when you are coming! Closer to your date, please call the office to reserve a school lunch if you're not bringing your own. The cost of an adult lunch is $4.35, which needs to be paid (with exact change, please) on the date you will eat with us.

2022-23 Lunch Times







If you like LOTS of happy noise all at once and don't mind the possibility of wearing syrup and ketchup on your body when you leave...feel free to join us!

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Electronic Flyers

Interested in clinics/camps/extra-curricular activities? Check out our electronic flyer web page!