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January 15, 2016


We practiced estimating to determine if a quotient is reasonable this week. We focused very heavily on word problems and interpreting remainders with division word problems. The kids learned that with division word problems, they can't just give an answer of 18 R2. They need to figure out what that remainder represents and whether or not it should be included in the answer. The majority of the problems either required us to use the remainder as the answer (how many slices of pizza were left over after they were given to the students?), leave the remainder out of an answer (how many buses were full after the kids got into them?), or round our quotient up because of the remainder (how many pizzas had to be ordered to feed all of the students?). Quick Quiz 2 was taken this week, and we will be taking the unit test next week.

Social Studies

This week, we focused on learning about the Great Lake and Plain states that make up the North Central region of The United States. Your child will be responsible for knowing the states and capitals of this region by the end of our unit. Much of the memorizing and practicing will be done at home. It is important that students can describe location of states without having to use a map. Students should know that the state of Illinois is south of Wisconsin and that part of Michigan actually borders our state. The app, Stack the States, is something that a lot of my students are using to practice at home. I have heard great things about it!

You can download it on an Apple device here.

You can download it on an Android device here.

Here is a Quizlet that you can use at home to practice these states and capitals with your child. On Quizlet are flashcards and other fun games that use the states and capitals of the North Central region. It is free to create an account!

Language Arts From Mrs. Edwards

Reading: This week we finished up a short review on finding themes in a story and test taking skills, which included taking our time, not rushing through the reading, and checking for understanding while we read. On Tuesday and Wednesday the students completed their MAPS Reading test. The students did wonderfully! Almost every student exceeded their goal. Nice work boys and girls! Thursday and Friday the students cleaned up and finished their game boards, with a chance to test it out and play with their group. The students are natural game makers! On Friday, the students were able to let another group, who read the same book, play their game.

We finished our read aloud book, Holes, and are getting ready to go to the play on January 26th. The students worked on completing a final quiz to check their understanding on the book. We moved on to a Reader’s Response were the students were asked to analyzing the book and all of its “full circles” in the story.

In place of Holes, we started reading inspiring picture books. We read Dancing Stars, Teammates (Jackie Robinson's story), Freedom Summer, and Wilma Unlimited (Wilma Rudolph’s story). Ask your child which was his/her favorite and what the theme of the story was.

During Reading we also had a Guidance lesson by Mrs. Farrow. The students learned strategies on how to deal with “bossy” friends and how we need to learn to make compromises. Please ask your child what they took away from the lesson!

Writing: This week in writing we edited our Game Boards. The directions and questions had a few grammatical mistakes that needed paying attention to. The students did a great job asking for clarification when they did not understand what the directions were saying. It turns out, writing directions to a game isn’t as easy as the students thought in the beginning.

The students were finally able to celebrate completing their biography projects. We had a Gallery Walk where the students were able to walk around and read each other’s hard work. The students were asked to write a “star” and a “wish” for each person. The students worked very hard on the project and were able to do their research with very little help, on guidance on how we do research. Nice work boys and girls!

We also worked on our Reflection for the month of December and January’s Binder. Please check over with your child the work he or she has been working on. Binders should be brought back on Monday with a signature.

New Student

We have a new student that will be joining our class next Thursday, January 21st! We are very excited to have him join us and can't wait to get to know him better and make him feel comfortable at Horizon.

Math MAP test

Tuesday, Jan. 19th, 12:30pm

Miss DeWitt's Room

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