College & Career Exploration Month

Elementary School Counseling Program - SPARKS

March 2014 is College & Career Exploration Month in All SLP Elementary Schools!

Why Do We Teach About College in Elementary Schools?

It is never too early for students to believe that they can and WILL go to college. College is a place to learn more and gain experiences. College does not have to be a four-year university but it can. College does not have to be out of reach for anyone. As students progress through school, there are many opportunities, programs, and scholarships for students. School Counselors, at each building level, are there to guide you as a family to the best resources.

As far as elementary students, it is opening up their minds and conversation to the idea of college. Asking questions about what they think college is? Have they ever been on a college campus? If so, where and why? A Kindergartner recently told me that college is “where you move away and live in a very small room”. He looked at me with a confused look and then said, “I am not sure I want to do that”. Turns out he had helped his cousin move to the dorms at the University of MN-Twin Cities this fall.