How We Are STEMifying TBK8!


What did you do with your Monday off? Well, Ms. Powell, Ms. Daly, Ms. McGlone, and Ms. Tuminella attended the two day HCPS STEM Academy. The academy aimed to foster collaboration in school sites, explore how STEM education can be supported in schools, and continue to grow the STEM education platform for ALL students.

The academy provided a variety of sessions including integrated lessons for field testing, tried and true strategies to support STEM learning, and many hands on demonstrations. At many of the sessions resources, supplies and manipulatives were given away! The End of Day 2 provided TBK8 with a third Makerbot 3D Printer. These printers will soon be used to create a station in the Wonder Studio in the near future!

Plans are being made to share many of the things learned with the faculty in a variety of ways. Stay tuned!

Unit of Study Final Tasks Across the Campus

3rd Grade: Innovation

What was the task?

Students were asked to explore various regions of the world and the natural resources each region provides. Students created presentations which convinced the CEO of the local energy company to build the company's new office in their assigned region. Which region would you build your new office in?

4th Grade: Innovation

What was the task?

It's October which means it is Pumpkin Chunkin' time. After learning about forces and motion, teams of two were asked to create a device which would chunk the candy pumpkin the farthest. The winning team would be sponsored the following year to create a life-size version of their device. Be sure to congratulate all the winners!

5th Grade

What was the task?

Central Florida is known for its tourism and theme parks. In this task students were asked by Busch Gardens to create a new attraction. Using their knowledge on forces and motion, students created thrill rides, arcade games, and roller coasters. Whether it was hands on or digital, student got creative with this task. Oh, what fun!
To honor the Global Day of Play, some 5th grade classes focused their summative task on the arcade section of Busch Gardens. By doing this the students were able to apply their knowledge of forces and motion to arcade games. As part of the Global Day of Play, the students created arcade games out of cardboard, creating the TBK8 Caine's Arcade!

6th-8th grade

Evidence of STEM Learning


The Units of Study are a way for students to make content connect with the real world. What passions can we inspire in our students? Click the link below for a homegrown, TBK8 STEM-spiration, Maddison Davis, and local STEMspirations, Chase Hartman & Vance Tomasi.

What do you want to see or learn more about?

The purpose of STEMsational is to spread the goodness of STEM that is occurring in classrooms daily at TBK8 with all teachers, staff and faculty. If there is something specific you would like to see, share or learn, please email your friendly STEM Coordinator!