The Tale of Hellevi and the Dragon

Written by Taylor Catlin

A story that could end a lifetime...

Hellevi lived in an old Viking village called Cottersville. She had a husband and three young children. Aside from attacks from the neighboring Vikings, the village is normally peaceful. The dragons had died out years ago...

Hellevi is seen as weak by the men of the village, including her own husband. She couldn't protect the village and fight with the men... could she?

But, after a recent Viking attack and many injured men, a new threat is seen in glowing eyes watching from the forest...

After a person Hellevi knows is slain by the dragon, she blames the death on herself. Men volunteer to go after the dragon... but as a woman, Hellevi is not allowed to join them.

Can Hellevi prove to everyone that she can fight with the men? Her bravado will be tested... but will her guilt be the death of her?

There is a theme to this tale!

This thrilling tale has a theme in the category "Human Nature". It shows that sometimes, especially in the past, women have been seen weaker than men. In this Viking tale, Hellevi proves that a woman can do the same, sometimes better, than men in battle and in any situation.

Extras about this story:

Names, Pronunciations, and Meanings:

Hellevi (hi-LEH-vi): Means "happy in war" and is a woman's name.

Einar (EYE-nar): Means "he who fights alone" and is a man's name.

Torben (TORE-ben): Mean's "Thor's bear" and is a man's name.